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Featured image for the article, 'The top 10 most intelligent dog breeds' by godlydogs.com

The 10 most intelligent dog breeds, with brief overviews & fun facts!

The 10 most intelligent dog breeds list, compiled with brief overviews of their origin, temperaments, past & current uses and fun facts!

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Dog myths, superstitions & fallacies debunked!

An article dedicated to exposing the hollowness of the age old and baseless dog centered myths, superstitions, fallacies and taboos with logic, reason and proof!

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A checklist to consider before you get your first dog.

Here's a first-dog checklist, to ensure you are making the best decision for yourself and your baby. Please take time to thoroughly check the below mentioned pointers because it often happens, where the initial euphoria clashes with people's ability to practically plan for a long term. Which unfortunately results to a lot of chaos and unpleasant, if not detrimental consequences soon after or in the long run.

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The best ever 25 world-famous dog quotes.

Curated in this article is a list of the best ever 25 world-famous dog quotes, compiled from various famous personalities. Their nationality or field of excellence is varied, but what's common is their unanimous heartfelt admiration for man's best friend!

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