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These innocent furry angels are too heavenly to live on earth. Their puppy eyes can make stone-hearts melt in no time. Their tails can tell no lies. Their cute head tilts while concentrating or confused or may be just trying to initiate a ear rub, funny flips for belly scratches and numerous other antics are simply to die for. But what’s the best part is the big-heart within their fur coats that are only visible to those who can see past the rest. The unconditional love and loyalty stuffed in which make them ‘Man’s Best Friend’. Honestly, I believe they are every other creature’s best friend too. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, “What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs.”

They know no treachery, they love will all their hearts – no strings attached, they protect and stick by your side with all their might, for them you are their God, little do they realize it’s actually them who are Godly. They are saintly, pious, truly and unwaveringly devoted, their selflessness knows no bounds, their love never falters.

If you agree with the above, we are on the same page and you must be feeling at home already! If not, chances are that you have not yet had the opportunity to experience the divinity of a dog’s soul. Because I believe anyone who has ever had one, can just not afford to stay ignorant of the charm. All you need to do is just allow me to share with you what you have missed so far and I am sure you will see them in a brand new light, the kind that resembles a halo.

Hey! I am the owner and author of Godly Dogs. Namely Srijana Saha, just another Indian small-towner. I just got done with studies and hold two master’s degrees, in English literature and Human Resource Management and have now decided on dedicating my time and effort to this little place I call my own. I can describe myself at length but of all my traits, what I believe is the most remarkable, is my love for dogs. Love could very well be an understatement because I literally respect them just as much. I have been raised brows at several times by people who think differently. Though I still am (and always will be) proudly obsessed with my devotion to dogs. Why? Because they legit deserve it more than anyone else.

Srijana Saha
             Yep, this is me!

And I dedicate this website solely to Dogs. Also to Dog people. To people who are dog lovers, who may or may not have a dog and of course to dog parents/caregivers. (I dislike the term ‘dog owners’ which is commonly used, but according to me widely mistaken because they are family, like kids, and not a property or commodity that can be ‘owned’!) Here you will get any and every information Canine! I currently have two doggo darlings at home and have had two before. My hobbies include doing my bit for the strays around my house as well. So even though I am not a certified Veterinarian, I do have loads of experience with dogs. Experience they say is the best teacher, plus when it’s your only passion and you are constantly reading and researching voraciously on it, it kind of graduates you to a senior level professor I guess. Just kidding!

So if you want to get a share of what I have to offer that would be really enriching to your love for dogs or will make your life with dogs even more fulfilling in case you have a pooch of your own, all you need to do is subscribe for free to my newsletter below and each time there is some freshly served ‘wagaliciously droolworthy’ content, you would be the first to get notified about it in your mail.

Well, so that’s it for now, thank you so very much for your interest, time and effort to have read through it and hopefully subscribed too, you are precious!

Dog Bless!